Power to lead the future

China as a cutting-edge Asian country leading the world with the latest technologies or services such as Fintech, sharing economy, mobile services, AI or robots.
New technologies and new business models are being daily created there.
Delivering the latest services of such advanced country of Fintech to Japanese customers is a mission of Netstars.

Lineup of StarPay

Netstars provides a wide variety of inbound services for Chinese people who visit Japan, focusing on services using a very popular SNS called “WeChat Pay” which has the largest market share in China, as well as telecommunications business and advertising on Chinese search sites, etc.


Accept QR mobile payments conveniently from millions of travellers from Thailand, Singapore and more coming soon, by connecting to VIA – Asia’s first regional mobile payment alliance!  Find out more from VIAconnects.com

WeChat Pay

A new payment solution for Chinese tourists operated by Netstars as a comprehensive agency.

Terminal compatible with QR multi-payment

A small terminal dedicated to payment by QR code which is compatible with mobile payment such as WeChat Pay and LINE Pay, etc.


A wallet card available for various shops.
By recharging it, you can do shopping at its member stores, transfer money to your friends or split the bill equally with your friends.

WeChat Official Account

By using an official account, you can make an appeal about your company to your customers before they visit Japan! This account contributes to acquisition of your fans and your sales increase before and after they visit Japan.