Netstars Co., Ltd (Tsuyoshi Ri, Representative Director & President; hereinafter “Netstars”) that provides the multi-QR code payment platform “StarPay” announced today that Chuck Chen(陳斌)has been appointed as CTO (Chief Technology Officer).


“StarPay” is used by large number of stores as Japan’s leading multi-QR code payment platform. Going forward, Netstars aims to improve stability as a lifeline that supports people’s lives and to become a unique financial platform in Japan and across borders. Netstars also considers the development and provision of new financial services that utilize StarPay technology. Under such circumstances, it is essential to further upgrade the technical team, which is the core of creating and supporting services.


Therefore, Netstars has decided to welcome Chuck Chen, who has been involved in the fintech field for many years in Singapore, the US and China. In the future, as the head of the technical team, he will be responsible for the development and operation of all the services, while leading the organization and joining management. Together with Chuck Chen, Netstars will work together to grow as a fintech company.


<About Chuck Chen(陳斌)>

Master’s degree of Jilin University in 1989.

Since 1992, he was a senior system analyst for Singapore Airlines, where he was in charge of parallel processing for ticket purchasing systems.


In 1999, he got involved in starting up an IT company in Silicon Valley. After working as a system integration director for Hitachi America, a chief architect for Abacus, and a chief engineer for Nokia America, he designed the architecture for mobile technology as a senior architect for ebay/PayPal in 2008-2013.


In 2014, he joined YeePay in China and proposed a strategy based on the concept of “Big Data, Platform, Cloud, Multiple IDC”. He led YeePay’s technical team to improve technical management, rebuilt system architecture and carried out structural reforms.


In 2020, he was appointed as CTO of Netstars Co., Ltd.



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