On May 15, 2020, Netstars Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Tsuyoshi Ri, Representative Director & President; hereinafter “Netstars”) received strategic investment from LUN Partners Group (Peilung Li, Founder and Chairman; hereafter “LUN Partners”). With the capital participation of LUN Partners, it is expected that Netstars will utilize the global network of LUN Partners to acquire new customers in overseas and expand the trading areas.


■ Comments from LUN Partners Group

“I am very pleased to announce that we have achieved a capital tie-up with Netstars. LUN Partners has been actively investing in fintech companies with advanced technology. We decided this strategic investment and will support the business in Japan and oversea judging from China’s experience of achieving a cashless society in less than five years. Japan is expected to grow rapidly in the cashless industry including QR payments, and Netstars plays an important role in its multi-payment payment infrastructure. From the perspective of convenience and safety, the world of after-corona will be becoming more and more necessary for the spread of contactless QR payments. Although a different lifestyle is required, we have determined that Netstars’ corporate value will become even higher and that its technical capabilities and services will also be required in the future. We are also very much looking forward to synergies with our other portfolios, such as Netstars’ overseas business development and the introduction of advanced technologies and business models from overseas.”


<About LUN Partners Group>

Established in 2016 in Hong Kong and currently based in Shanghai, China. The company is a global investment group that invests in innovative high-tech companies centered on Fintech. Furthermore, LUN Partners aims to increase the value of investee companies by supporting the development and localization of emerging technologies and innovative business models in countries around the world, creating synergies and building an ecosystem in the financial sector.


<About Netstars Co., Ltd.>

Founded in Tokyo in 2009 and focused on the international communication platform business from the beginning. In 2015, Netstars introduced WeChat Pay to Japan as the first distributor of Tencent, China in Japan. This will be the beginning of the spread of QR code payment. Currently, the multi-QR code payment platform “StarPay” service has been introduced at more than 150,000 stores. It is expanding its business to include the CaaS platform “KubeStar” that supports huge transactions and the mini application development platform “StarMini” that is deployed on super applications.