Netstars announces strategic alliance with LINE Pay and the launch of “StarPay-mini” on LINE Pay app

A service that supports the development and introduction of “mini app” on the “Super App”

“StarPay-mini” corresponds to “LINE mini apps”




Netstars Co., Ltd. (Headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Tsuyoshi Ri, Representative Director & President; hereinafter “Netstars”) has entered into business collaboration in sales of “LINE mini apps” with LINE Pay Corporation (Head office in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Hisahiro Chofuku, Representative director and CEO; hereinafter “LINE Pay”).





LINE Pay and Netstars have built a cooperative system by collaborating through payment merchant expansion and business tie-up of “LINE Pay” in October 2017, and also with the principal business tie-up between LINE and Netstars in April 2018. On September 14, Netstars announces the launch of sales and provide the service of “StarPay-mini for LINE mini app”. This is where it introduces the service of Netstars “StarPay-mini” corresponding to “LINE mini app”. This service will support and provide the mini apps with payment functions in “LINE Pay”.


The mini app is a new digital service that connects consumers and companies in both the domestic and global markets. Since the service is installed on “Super Apps” such as “LINE”, it gives an advantage for companies to create new smartphone app. We foresee that there will be a greater demand in the usage of mini apps in the near future, which will eventually benefit both the users and developers


Netstars provides “StarPay-mini”, which is a service that supports rapid development by combining the functions required for mini apps like blocks. Hence, “Star Pay-mini” will be semi-formatted with a mini app that has a payment function using “LINE Pay”, making it possible to halve the development time period.


The hurdles for introducing the “LINE mini app” have been lowered by utilizing the planning capabilities, system development capabilities, marketing and customer sales networks of both companies and Netstars to promote the platforms that consistently provides payments along with DX (Digital Transformation) and O2O (Offline to Online). This will enable and help companies to attract attention in the new normal coronavirus era. This service provided by Netstars allows you to quickly and easily introduce mini-app that can be used in both domestic and overseas “Super App”, such as LINE, WeChat, and Alipay etc. We can realize a short-term launch by blocking the functions required for mini apps and make them become microservices.


About “StarPay-mini”

“StarPay-mini is a service provided by Netstars that allows quick and easy usage of mini apps on “Super Apps” such as LINE, WeChat, and Alipay etc. StarPay-mini aims to provide microservices in the short-term by blocking the functions required through themini apps.


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What is “LINE mini app”

“LINE mini app” is a web application that provides the company’s own services such as reservations, orders, payments, and membership cards on the “LINE” app free of charge. By deploying the services on the “LINE” app, LINE users can use the services without downloading any individual apps and go through tedious and complicated registration process. Companies can also use the service and linked to the LINE account of the user that uses the service. Data can be acquired and used for service improvement and marketing purposes through the LINE official accounts.




Overview of Netstars Co., Ltd

Company Name: Netstars Co., Ltd

Headquarters: 12th floor, PMO Nihonbashikayaba-cho, 3-11-10 Nihonbashikayaba-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Representative Director, President and CEO, Tsuyoshi Ri

Main Business: Development and operation of multi payment gateway service “StarPay”, Development and provision of related technology services based on FinTech, Providing related promotional services




Netstars Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Kimoto