Netstars Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Hereinafter called “Netstars”) and Gurunavi, Inc. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Hereinafter called “Gurunavi”) hereby inform you that they have executed an agreement on Gurunavi’s capital participation in Netstars and business collaboration between both companies.


Based on this alliance, a payment platform developed by Netstars called “StarPay” will be provided for the payment by QR code of a multi-payment service called “GurunaviPay” developed by Gurunavi for restaurants. Thereby, we strive to widely spread and deploy “Gurunavi Pay” to the restaurants in Japan, aiming for enhancing the convenience of Chinese people who visit Japan through the payment by WeChat Pay and sending them to the restaurants as customers.


Netstars has been developing payment services for tourists who visit Japan as an acquirer of WeChat Pay of Tencent Holdings Limited for the first time in Japan. The number of member stores with StarPay has exceeded 10,000, and StarPay currently occupies a firm position in the industry of payment services for Chinese people who visit Japan. StarPay is compatible with “LINE Pay” from November 2017 and will be compatible with “d Payment” in the near future. Netstars strives to continuously enhance the convenience of both users and stores.


On the other hand, Gurunavi has been providing a multi-language restaurant reservation service compatible with both traditional and simplified Chinese characters on “Gurunavi Foreign Language Version” in transmitting information to Chinese people who visit Japan. From now on, Gurunavi strives to further enhance the convenience of Chinese people and to provide consistent business support services ranging from sending customers to the restaurants to the payment, by supporting them in terms of transmission of information and sales promotion.



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Netstars Co., Ltd.

Persons in charge: Yamaguchi and Morita




Gurunavi, Inc.

Department in charge: Public Relations Group