Netstars Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo. Hereinafter called “Netstars”) hereby informs you that it has entered into capital tie-up with Japan Post Capital Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Hereinafter called “JP Capital”), by accepting investments from JP Capital.


With the funds raised from JP Capital, Netstars will widely spread and deploy a payment platform developed by itself called “StarPay” to stores in Japan.


Netstars is a company that started the payment by QR code of WeChat Pay of Tencent Holdings Limited for the first time in Japan. Currently, it is developing and selling “StarPay” compatible with multi-payment including WeChat Pay and other payment by QR code such as Alipay and LINE Pay. StarPay has already been installed at a lot of stores, occupying a firm position as a platform of payment service for Chinese people who visit Japan. Further, the environment where Japanese people can use payment by QR code more easily is also available.


From now on, with StarPay, we aim to realize a cashless society by bundling various brands of payment by QR code inside and outside Japan more actively than ever, enhancing the convenience of both users and stores.


After this capital alliance, both companies strive to create and develop a big wave of cashless payment, by specifically discussing and considering their operational cooperation.



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Persons in charge: Yamaguchi and Morita of Netstars Co., Ltd.