Quick Deployment

One-click deployment, minutes release, rollback, and horizontal scaling


Monitor services performance and resource utilizaition in real-time

Multi-cloud Management

Support all major cloud providers, one-click multiple cloud resources management

Automatic Deployment

Automatically manage the full life cycle of coding, testing, deploying and monitoring

Application Store

Prefabricate release template, one-click release all related services

Safety and Compliance

Provide dimensions security guarantee and end-to-end vulnerability detection

Simple Migration

Help enterprises build cloud oriented bussiness application easily

Full Life-cycle Management

Support application release, upgrade, rollback, and scaling


One-stop infrastructure management on major cloud providers

Code Pipeline

Cover the full cycle of coding, image building,quality detecting and delivery

Safety and Compliance

Provide benchmark and penetration tests to ensure operations and data security

Open Platform

Provide multi-scenarios extension and completed API for IoT, Big Data and AI

Platform Overview

Service Details

Application Workflow

Platform Overview

Service Details

Application Deployment

Supportted flexible, extensible, portable, and end-to-end machine learning workflow management
Compatible with heterogeneous computing platforms, make the infrastructure of IoT ready by unified control panel.
Our Team
The team is composed of excellent cloud native practitioners, who are from Nanyang Technological University, Peking University, XUPT, Ant Financial Services , CITIC , YeePay. As one of the earliest cloud native teams in China, with several years R&D experiences, we have provided financial-level container sevices for Chinese leading payment enterprises and supportted 10 million trading transactions per day.